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Thaumaturgy & Speculums Technology

You are at Witt's End... Passages lead off in *all* directions from here...
The passages are especially treacherous today!
(From the computer game - Adventure)

If you have found your way here... You are probably lost...

thaumaturgy (tho'-me-tur-ji), n., the supposed working of miracles; magic.

speculum (spek'yoo-lem), n., a mirror, especially one of polished metal used as a reflector in a telescope, etc.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. - Arthur C. Clark

Thaumaturgy & Speculums Technology
That's Magic and Mirrors Technology, Y'all!

The Warfield Family Gallery

We do many things in our lives including extensive travel. This also includes extensive photography of our attivities (travel, parties, construction, family, weddings, etc, etc, etc...). This is all stored in our family photo gallery. Ifyou are looking for our photo gallery, it's just a click away here:

The Warfield Family Gallery

Adventures In Odyssey
Whit's End and Witt's End

If you are looking for "Adventures in Odyssey", you are definitly lost and have definitly come to the WRONG place. What you want is "Whit's End" at <> and NOT "Witt's End", where you are, here. I have no association with "Adventures in Odyssey" and have nothing to do with that other site or that organization. I don't know any of the characters or the actors or anything about them.
I maintain this web server as part of my consulting practice (Thaumaturgy and Speculums Technology), as a personal avocation, and for general giggles and grins. While I do maintain backup URL's for Command Corp Inc, if you are looking for Command Corp, we also maintain a web server and run a Web Services Consulting operation. Please check those URL's for more information. --Michael H. Warfield--

WittsEnd now has a co-webmaster (or webmistress in this case). My significant other, June is now helping me run this madhouse. She is helping me with my consulting practice and brings with her an expertise in technical and managerial training as well as database applications.
This server is my own personal playground and a test bed for some of my web wizardry. You may encounter some strange things around here, or you may not. Often, pages will be under construction. Please let me know if you encounter any difficulty. Sites hosted on this server are tuned for Netscape and other HTML 2.0+ browsers. If you find something interesting, please be welcome to return as often as you like, things are subject to change without notice or warning...


Witt's End is now also on IPv6. Support and connectivity is provided by OCCAID.

If you wish to test out your connectivity through the IPv6 Internet, you can access the IPv6 Witt's End Server and/or the IPv6 Witt's End SSL Server.

For those running Netscape or other SSL enabled browsers, WittsEnd is now also running an SSL compliant Secure HTTP Server. The server certificate is signed by the Thaumaturgy & Speculums Technology Signing Authority. You can download the signing authority certificate into your browser to accept certificates we sign.
WittsEnd now runs with APACHE POWER for both the non-secure and the SSL secure Web servers. The Apache server is courtesy of the Apache Development Group. The Secure Sockets Layer code are thanks to the OpenSSL Group, the inheritors of the incredible efforts of Eric Young on the SSLeay Secure Sockets Layer implimentation and Tim Hudson who did many of the application interfaces.

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